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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday, at sea. But then I’ve been out to sea for quite some time.

Lovely, relaxing day. We slept till the steward knocked at 8:30 to bring us our room service breakfast. Explored the ship a bit and watched in awe as the masses made their way through the never-ending buffet line. We really did nothing all day till time for our manicure/pedicures, compliments of Michael J Horgan. The spa is beautifully situated with floor to ceiling panoramic views of the Baltic Sea. It’s actually rather crowed out here! There is always lots traffic in the shipping lanes.

Dinner was formal this evening. We were seated at a large table with a woman from Phoenix and her two college age children. The daughter is a pre-med law student (yikes!) from Harvard and the son is some other sort of whiz from a college in Albany, New York. The other guests were two sisters from Dallas and their husbands. The one woman reported that she was on this cruise to visit the major Jewish sites in Berlin and had no intention of spending a penny in Tallinn as the Estonians ran the Jews out decades earlier. She took her heritage very seriously. Her husband spoke passionately about Border collie rescue programs in Dallas in which he is a mover and shaker. I liked him.

We are in our PJs, ready to hit the hay. Tomorrow is a full day in Tallinn. I am pretty excited as the travel log on the TV says there is a “wall of knitting” outside a medieval castle where women sit and knit the woolen goods that are sold in the city. I am thinking about emigrating.


Nan said...

Lovely! Lovely! I'm enjoying the trip with you.
Be sure to post a pic of that wall of knitting. Be still my heart!

Kathleen in Ormond Beach said...

What a gorgeous photo! They were right: you ARE a 10! :)