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Friday, June 19, 2009

The countdown

Somehow, over the course of the last few weeks, I have remained rather calm in the face of the actual packing for Jody & Linda's Big Adventure. I have mentally chosen my wardrobe, made a few purchases and generally patted myself on the back over my zen like approach to our departure date. Imagine my smugness when reading Linda's frantic emails about her packing angst. And, I'm not even a blond anymore. Somebody smack me.

On Wednesday I began by propping up a full length mirror in the bedroom so as to view myself as I tried on each item that was on my short list of things that might make the trip. I have been diligently following the Nutrisystem plan for several months now and am pleased to have lost about 17 pounds. No. Not about 17 pounds. Seventeen pounds! And that is while still consuming alcohol. Imagine if I had been really disciplined. However, the full length mirror may have had a former life in the Cole Brothers Circus because I was less than thrilled over some of my wardrobe choices. But, I got through the afternoon and felt pleased with my final choices.

Thursday was spent fine tuning, steaming, washing, spritzing with wrinkle release and doing just about anything short of actually ironing anything. I brought out the suitcases and practiced hooking them together so I could glide through the airports like a well seasoned travel veteran, which I am most certainly not. There was more gloating as I eyeballed the suitcases (one big, one medium and a carry-on) and visualized everything fitting comfortably with room to spare for the Gorbachev Nesting Dolls I am hoping to purchase while in St. Petersburg. I slept well knowing that I had covered all my bases.

Friday I awoke and realized that I needed one more dressy outfit, new bras, a crossword book, a stylish scarf and gum. Mike and I headed out to round these items up before lunch. And speaking of Mike, what a smart man he is. Immediately following lunch he headed to the golf course saying he would leave me to my actual packing. Coward. OK. The first, big suitcase went rather well. The underwear, tee shirts, socks, new bras, long pants, sweaters and sweatshirt, rain gear, skirts, and bathing suit all fit beautifully. I even got out the bathroom scale to weight the packed suitcase to be sure it was under the fifty pound per bag max. No sweat, it weighted forty seven pounds. Now to the medium suitcase. Uh Oh. I still had not packed any shoes or the hanging clothes. No jackets or toiletries. And, what about my knitting? This was an unplanned turn of events. When faced with a dilemma, it is best to leave the room and pick up a bit of knitting to calm oneself down. Plan B. Off to the guest room closet to unpack the old big ass suitcase filled with the unused winter clothes that were hidden inside it's questionable zippered shabby self. After a bit of a flurry to unpack the beautiful new, but inadequate, medium bag and transfer it's contents to the veteran big bag, I am now packed. I have my overnight items packed into a carry on and the last thing to do is shut this machine down and pack my lap top into my backpack.

So, we will leave for the Orlando airport in seventeen hours. I must now go and practice wheeling two huge suitcases and one carry one while strapping on my backpack. This is not going to be pretty.
Next stop, Copenhagen.

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tony said...

OK girls, lets get on with the blogging as I am so into your trip.
If I hear nothing soon I shall be forced to blogg myself on the adventures of Hannibal & Clarisse.
Are you on the ship yet and how do you like it??????