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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday Monday. After a great night sleep of nine full hours we were ready to set out for the ship. But first we went to the hotel lobby for a wonderful continental breakfast, which did feature one of the items I had been hoping for….lots of smoked salmon. The one overall feeling that I got from the hotel was that I had gone to sleep and awaked in a gigantic IKEA showroom! EVERYTHING is Danish modern…go figure.
We managed to repack all our bags and caught a cab for the docks. Just our luck, we found ourselves in the capable hands of a true Viking cabbie who offered to 1) accompany us on our voyage as we were two unchaperoned beauties and 2) rape and pillage us in true Viking fashion. We declined on both accounts. He did take a few turns on our route but assured us he was still heading in the direction of our ship. He pointed out the Queens Palace, the stock exchange and the best cheap canal tour boat to take on our stop back into Copenhagen next week. He then deposited us on the wharf and slung our baggage up onto the waiting luggage trolley. I paid him the fare and offered him 50 Kroners as a tip and then asked him if that was enough. He said it was fine even though many people did tip more. I just smiled and pretended I didn’t quite understand his Viking accent.
The line was long to clear security but we entertained ourselves by making fun of other passengers and making up all sorts of stories about their probable lives. We finally boarded and made our way to our cabin. Twin beds, a desk, a small love seat and enough closet and drawer space for one self-respecting munchkin. However, it took us several hours to divide up the available space, hide our suitcases under the beds and hunt for Linda’s lost iPod.
Dinner was very nice. After dinner we decided to skip the Karaoke bar, pass on the Country/western piano bar and make an early evening of it as we have to be on deck at 6:15 in the morning for a three-hour train ride into Berlin. We were back in our cabin at 10:15, just in time to watch the sunset into the ocean.

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Nan said...

Love the matching outfits, girls!
Pictures of where you are would be nice, too. Just a thought. LOL!