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Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, Monday

Back in Florida! My quick trip to Toronto was filled with airport delays. Storms in Atlanta on Thursday put me into Toronto later than planned. Mike met me outside customs and we checked into the Old Mill around midnight. What a gorgeous view of the garbage collection area! All that time that we lived next door and enjoyed the views of the Humber River led us to expect that paying BIG dollars for a room would be sweet. Not so.
Friday Nan and I had a wonderful day of yarn at Koigu Farm. We laughed, we got caught up on our kids lives and we dished our former LYS. Only knitters will understand that last reference. We both smoked our checking accounts and left the farm with a trunk load of yarn. Meeting Maie was a real highlight for me.
Saturday morning Mike and I prowled Bloor West, just like in the old days. Breakfast with D and Lillie was yummy. Then, up to Warkworth to party hardy in celebration of Brian's 70th birthday. But first, we checked into the Lantern Inn and had a lovely lunch overlooking the Ganaraska River. We had a great time at the party and I loved getting caught up with Peter and Linda Z. Then, back to the Lantern and a beautiful room. On the way to Port Hope, the sun was setting and I got the second photo above. Sunday we had breakfast at the same table overlooking the river and talked about actually living in Port Hope! The photo on the top is our view from the table.
Following breakfast, we stopped in to see Mike's Mom, Marthe. We were both pleasantly surprised that she appeared much stronger than she had two nights earlier when it was questionable whether she would make it through the night. Marthe gave us her schedule for her passing, telling us she has decided to stop eating and would only drink a few sips of ginger ale so as not to prolong her life. She will go out her way and she is not afraid. I am so happy that I got to spend one last hour with her.
We then drove back into the city for a quick visit with Dan, Diana and Ben at their new house. Although they have only been living there a few months, the house already seems to have their stamp on it. It will be quite an adventure to see how the backyard develops over the next few years!
We turned in the rental car and checked into the airport Sheraton for an early to bed. The alarm went off at 4:00 and we headed across the walkway to the gate to find that our flight had been delayed. Yeah. More delays. But, we got it all sorted out and landed back in Daytona Beach three hours before my bag carrying all the gorgeous Koigu yarn arrived.
So, I have now tested myself to see if I can write a diary of my travels. I have added photos and I think I can manage to post during the BIG trip. If you are reading this, please post a comment so I know I did it right! :D


Rob Horgan said...

There are never enough hours to spend with Marthe.

Kathleen in Ormond Beach said...

They should have a dying camp at Koigu farms and we could stay for weeks!!!!

Dawn said...

Hi Jody,
I'm sorry I didn't get to see you during your brief trip here.
Y'all come back now!

Nan said...

Hey! You didn't mention the delicious burger, fries and rings we had at Shelburne - or the fact we ate while gazing at the open trunk full of sun basking koigu. LOL!

Have a blast on the Baltic!


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