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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Testing. One, two, three. Testing

     It has only taken me two hours to reset passwords, enable cookies, and to click my way back into Jodysoup.  This must be the reason that real bloggers write regularly.  Those of us who are mearly drop in bloggers must clear a lot of cobwebs from our data bank brains in order to fire this thing back up.  Since my last posting I have changed my most used email account and been through a zillion password resets.  So, the only grownup thing to do is to take this thing on a test drive and then pray that in the morning I remember just how I got here.
     The real countdown has begun.  The only fly in my ointment is the failure of the rail tickets to arrive today.  They are somewhere on a UPS truck between here and Jacksonville, so there is hope that the driver will arrive before I head out of Dodge. 
     Just to give you a look at what lies ahead, here is a brief look at my itinerary for the next two and a half weeks....

     THURSDAY:  Fly to Detroit.  Why?  Well, I want to start this trip with Amy.  Seemed logical to meet her in Detroit and then we could sit together as we cross the Atlantic.
     FRIDAY:  Amy and I fly from Detroit to Amsterdam for a connecting flight to Edinburgh where we will, once and for all, put to rest the question of what a lad wears under his kilt.  Four nights in Edinburgh.
    WEDNESDAY:  Train to London.   Four glorious days and nights of exploring.
    SUNDAY:  Amy returns to Michigan.  I meet my old school chum and we take the Chunnel to Paris!!!!!  Two nights in the City of Lights.
     TUESDAY:  Train to Frankfort.
     THURSDAY:  Train to Bruges.  This has been a dream ever since seeing the movie In Bruges. 
     SATURDAY:  Train back to London for our final night.
     SUNDAY:  Fly back home

WHEW!  Sit tight, my peeps.  We going on a trip.

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