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Monday, July 6, 2009


Today is the Fourth of July and we are spending it at sea. The crew has made every effort to celebrate it in an All American way. This is an example of how American the Holland America line is. On July 1, Canada Day, they served Canadian beer in the crows nest. However, I understand this is much more of a celebration than the city of Toronto enjoyed. But then, we are not in the middle of a garbage strike on board. So, to celebrate the American fourth, grills were set up in the mid-ship pool area and a huge buffet was served at lunch. Corn on the cob, steak, brats, hot dogs, grilled chicken breasts as well as fried chicken, a multitude of cold salads and more desserts than I have ever seen in one place. The apple pie was made in some sort of copper pot that was at least two feet across. All pretty yummy except the fried chicken was hot! Just try to imagine fried chicken that tastes like tobasco.

It has been very foggy all day and the outside temperature has dropped to the more seasonal mid sixties. We have reservations for an early dinner because it was the only time we could find a table for two so we wouldn’t have to chat up other passengers. We have already had our passports stamped for our disembarkation in Dover on Monday. Tomorrow we will be in Amsterdam all day and will have to be totally packed by 1:00 AM Monday morning.

The weather cleared during the evening hours and we were treated to a scene from a science fiction movie as we were getting ready for bed. We had the curtains partially opened and it was about 10:30. The sunset was fabulous. We stepped out onto the veranda and thought we were being invaded. It looked like space ships had landed in some sort of strung out formation, as far as you could see in all directions. They were oil platforms. Of course. After all, we were in the North Sea.

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